Thursday, July 26, 2012

Show and Tell

Amy over at  Step into 2nd Grade is hosting a linky party in which everyone tells more about themselves. Since I'm procrastinating the laundry, school work, shower, and anything else, I decided to join! I love a good party!!
First a little bit more about myself.

 I was born and grew up in a small town in Ohio. I lived next door to both sets of grandparents! It was fun going to one set and playing with all the cats and kittens they had, then going to my other grandma's for homebaked treats! When I was in first grade, I loved my teacher so much that I started playing school every chance I could get. I even tried teaching my grandparents cats and baby chicks! They weren't the most cooperative students! Little did I know then that some 40 years later, I would still be chasing some students back into the classroom! I decided in second grade that I would be either a kindergarten or first grade teacher, so that I would be smarter than the students!
I went to Bowling Green State University and started out as a nursing major! I quickly decided after a couple of semesters of chemistry, biology, and trig that I didn't want to be a nurse anymore, but went back to my true love of teaching. Since I had worked (and loved it) as a nurse's aide at a mental health home, I decided to major in special ed and elementary ed. I'm probably in the minority of people that have chemistry, biology, and trig as electives!

My two sons are the highlights of my first marriage. This is a picture of them... with a reading buddy (in the middle) we had to keep this buddy all week end and my oldest then had to read and write about the week end! Such a fun activity!

Oops! Nope that was a few years seems like it was just last year (sniff, sniff). Here's a semi-current picture of them with myself and the Mr.! This was a year ago at my youngest's graduation.

 My oldest Charlie graduated from college and has a real life job. My youngest Dan, is entering in his sophomore year at college. Somehow they both grew to over 6 feet tall!


We have 2 cats, Cinders and Pepper. They tolerate each other and let us live with them, but I think it is just so that we can change litter boxes, water, and food!

Other favorites:

television: The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family

games: Apples to Apples and Rummy

books: Anne of Green Gables, but I read a lot of various genres of books.

food: yes, please!! Actually, all time favorite would be something Italian.

snack: Cheetos or popcorn and most definitely chocolate!

movie: Mary Poppins

job: My current teaching position, working with students that have emotional and behavior disorders, I've been with the same school (separate facility) for 15 years and still get excited about the new school year! Granted, some days are a lot more trying than others but it has always ended up being a positive experience!

Thanks for reading about me, I love reading about other bloggers and their experiences.


Kristin Kennedy said...

I enjoyed reading your story. I LOVE Modern Family!
iTeach 1:1

Nikki Sabiston said...

I teach a special ed collab class and usually have kids with emotional and behavioral issues, and a good handful of ADHD thrown in just to make each day interesting! I'm always looking for other blogs by SPED teachers to get new new ideas so I can do everything I can for my special friends:)

And I love Big Bang Theory!

Teaching in Progress

Miss Pasqua said...

Thanks for your story...My all time favorite movie is Mary Poppins as well!