Thursday, July 12, 2012

I bit the shopping bug!

I'm linking up my finds with Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B I love seeing what everyone has found during the week!
I couldn't help myself...I kept reading other people's blogs about the cool stuff they got at Target, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Dollar Tree, and well, you get the idea. Anyways, I decided I had to go to Target the other day to get cat food- can't let my little divas starve! While I was there, I just HAD to check out the dollar spot. Well, I couldn't find any light bulb or globe stress balls, but I did find back scratchers that I could use in my chill out bag. I also saw pocket charts, but for some reason forgot to put them in my basket!! So... today I went back to Target - I needed my decongestant (sorry, honey, forgot to get it yesterday and I'm out!). Still no lightbulb or globe stress balls, but I did get a purple pocket chart, rhyming dictionaries for my writing center,bookmarks, and plastic folders for my binder. I then went next door to Michael's and bought a plastic tote, paint, wooden blocks,owl nameplates,  and note pads. On to Dollar Tree where I picked up some baskets to hold journals-  and then to Meijer to buy a craft bead container and clothespins. Don't worry, I also bought the decongestant and cat food!!

My favorite find for the home is an....
Iced Tea Maker! With all the hot and dry weather we've been having, I decided that I could buy this, make my own iced tea and save lots of money! Momma will be needing new shoes for school!

Now, I am busy, busy, busy making all of the projects for the new school year with my buys. When I finish the projects, I'll post them. But for now, all of us including the diva kitties are happy!

Have a wonderful, open window weather kind of day!!


meghan said...

My target never has good stuff in the dollar bins! I'm hoping to get lucky as school approaches!

My cats do the exact same thing at the window.. one on either side!

Third Grade in the First State

Layla Wiedrick Henry said...

Looks like you found a lot of great items for the classroom! Thanks for sharing!
I am your newest follower! I am a new blogger and love connecting with other teachers!

Fancy Free in Fourth

Elizabeth said...

I just HAD to go last week and get the same purple pocket charts ;)
Thanks so much for linking up!