Friday, July 6, 2012

Doodle Books

I found this idea in one of my favorite books, 410 Practical Adaptations for Every Classroom. If you have students that need to doodle- yes, some kids need to doodle in order to be able to actually listen and process the information- then give them a doodle book. I made up labels to glue on a notebook. The notebook will be given to the student and is the only book he/she is allowed to doodle in! So many of my students used to use up all of their notebook paper with drawings and doodles. I might purchase those composition notebooks, get them cut in half (I guess the place to go is Office Max) and paste on the labels. I don't have my class list yet, but I probably will put in the student's name before printing them out, or I'll print off a set or two and write in the names, especially since I tend to get new students throughout the school year! Doodle Book Labels I got the clip art off of Microsoft Office and I had cute fonts, but google docs didn't show them. I had used Pea Kylie from Kevin and Amanda I hope you can use them and enjoy! 

 I have also created new labels using google docs-  click HERE to view or save and print!


Nancy said...

Well Gadzooks.....your blog name caught my eye so I clicked on it and guess what? We both teach Special Education, we are both from Ohio, and our blogs MATCH.....ha ha ha. (well same template) I thought I accidentally clicked the back button instead of the one to your blog. :)

:) Nancy

Nancy said...

I was going to look at your labels for the doodle books but it requires a password, just wanted to let you know.

Mary said...

I guess it's back to the drawing board for me! I'll try again to upload the labels. Thanks for letting me know. What is that saying, "great minds think alike"? Too funny about our blogs!

Mary said...

The labels are now available for everyone! Sorry about the hold up!