Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Made it Link Up

Another week has gone by! I had grand plans of creating and making various centers this week, I did get 3 done, but I had thought I would have a cagillion completed!! I started out with a center that I saw at A Love 4 Teaching I liked the fact that it will be different each time the student uses it! It is Money Dice. I printed off a money worksheet from Donna Young's site and mod-podged them onto 3 wooden blocks I bought at Michael's. I painted the blocks first. The students will roll 2 or 3 dice and add up the amount of money showing on the top. They can keep track of which player gets the highest roll or they can add up 5 different rolls.

The next center I made came from An Uncommon to the Core Teacher I love games where players can lose their matches! This game is for multiplication and if you go to her site, you can get the rules and directions to download! I bought my container at the Dollar Tree and made the lemons and limes with my Cricut! I did change the Pucker Up limes to say "Too Sour" because I worry that my ED boys would have a field day with saying "pucker up!"

My third center is a spin off of all the popcorn word games. My students have a hard time telling time, so I wanted to make a game for reading clocks. So I made Popcorn Time! I downloaded clocks from Phillip Martin's site, put them into a powerpoint, and printed them off. Then I handmade popcorn kernels and glued the clocks on. On a couple of the pieces, I put the words "pop" and "burnt." If a student draws a "pop" then he/she has to put back 5 of his/her clocks. If "burnt" is drawn, then everyone playing has to put back 3 clocks. Just an added twist! To keep a clock, the student has to correctly read the time on the clock. I put all the pieces in a plastic popcorn box. I also made some clocks that show times like 1:40 and 12:05. I did outline the harder clocks in brown to add to the game later or for the students that need to practice telling time to the minute.

The only thing I've had time to make for my home or self is meals and the bed!! Maybe someday I'll create something for my home! Now, off to check out all the other good ideas over at 4th Grade Frolics ! I'm hoping to find something cool to do, as temps are to be over 100 degrees tomorrow!


Kelly said...

Your games look terrific! I need to get to working on more things like these. :)

Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

Tara said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for linking up! Those centers take time to do:) I need to be getting more of those done!

4th Grade Frolics

Kelly said...

I love these games! I am going to have to make a few! I knew those popcorn containers would come in handy one day!