Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday, whew and decisions, decisions!

I can't believe that I only have one week until school starts! Next Wednesday,is the back to school all day meeting, then the next day I have staff inservice at my school and the Friday I may be able to get into my room! Monday, the 20th of August, will be a work day in the classroom and the Tuesday is my training for how to deal with aggressive and disruptive students with an open house from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Wednesday, the 23rd will be the first day with students! I'm crossing off items on my to do list and adding other things (I need to stop!) Hopefully, I can get my printer working again! It has jammed up on me and I can't get it cleared!! I'm also trying to figure out all of my bulletin boards for the hallway and in the classroom so that I can make the letters. I think I have them all figured out and (this is where my adding to my list gets me in trouble) I might make a few extra sayings for later boards. I also need to stop looking at everyones' Monday Made It projects and Pinterest, I am addicted to both as my additions to my list can attest! I'm getting nervous about my decision to switch rooms and grade levels, why did I think it would be a good idea? I've lost a closet (that could lock) and a huge cabinet (that was bolted onto the wall). My boxes of teaching books, games, and other classroom items are still packed away in boxes and bins in my garage and basement. At least I labeled them with the subject matter so I can find things if I need them.

 So now I need to decide how I'm displaying my take on daily 5/reading workshop, the class rules and pledge, and the schedule (which I still have to figure out). I know a lot of people support the idea of having the students help make the rules and pledge, but with my students I need to set these up. We do talk about why they are important and what the classroom should look like and sound like in order for everyone to be able to learn in a safe environment. I have 5 basic rules that are all stated positively. Examples; Keep your hands and feet to self., Use appropriate language, Follow directions, Raise your hand to talk, and Work quietly. I'm thinking that while these rules were fine for my 6th and 7th graders, I might have to change them up for 4th and 5th graders. I've seen the Whole Brain Teaching rules, but can also see where some of my students would challenge the Keep your dear teacher happy rule! ("..gee, Mrs. Ashley, I thought you would laugh when I threw the milk on Tommy!").  I also have to think about the other staff in my room, so if I changed it to keep the staff happy, the other staff might take it the wrong way- even with guidelines! I'm hoping that by Friday I will have everything done. Then I can relax, go shopping for an outfit or 2, and get my haircut.

On a good note, we sold our camper within an hour of posting it for sale! While I'm sad that it's no longer ours, it was nice to be able to sell it so quickly! Now, does anyone want any bunnies? They are free! All you have to do is catch them! The picture shows 2, but we have about 6 of them (that I've seen) in our yard!


alig0118 said...

I'm switching grades and going from teaching 6th-8th grade students with special needs to teaching half time elementary, 4th or 5th grade, and half time at a new position in our school district. I had to pack my room up too! I can get into my room next week and can't wait to start setting it up. If you remember, take before and after pictures. I'm always interested in how other specialist set up their rooms. Good luck with your training next week. I've been to many trainings for students who are aggressive or behavior disabilities and know how intense they can be. I have a few things I have done in the past for class rules and expectations if you'd like to see. I'd be more than happy to share! p.s. I'm glad I found another specialist's blog to follow!

Mary said...

Thanks for the offer! This will make my 16th training for dealing with aggressive and disruptive students as we have to go through it every year. There's always some new procedure or law that we have to learn! Thanks for following me!

alig0118 said...

I had another idea for you needing white boards. I bought 'tile board' from Home Depot and they will but it for you to any size you want. I covered the edges with electrical tape (any heavy weight tape will do). It's very inexpensive and each piece of tile board is 5' x 10' I think.
Just a tip - you probably already know it....
As for the trainings, we have them yearly too and only need to attend if we have students or work with students who have the possibility of needing restraint.