Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year, new goals!

Last year I decided not to make the usual New Year resolutions. I made a 2015 bucket list. I included things that I wanted to see, create, and places to visit. I'm glad to say that of my list of 12 items, I crossed off 9! I organize my home office, left school at most days at 4:00 (setting my alarm on my phone helped with that), having my lesson plans completed by Thursday the week before, visiting family, and started a herb garden. I got the idea with seeing people create bucket lists for summer with their kids and thought it would be fun to try to do in a year. Some things will go back on 2016's list- like losing weight, creating something once a month by knitting, re-purposing, refinishing, paper-crafting, or on the computer. So here is my bucket list for 2016:
 1.  Visit my hometown's botanical garden. I haven't been there in over 15 years and live only 5 minutes away!

2. Lose weight. I want to lose one pound a week. I have motivation as my son is getting married in 2017!

3. Create and complete a project a month! I have supplies to make sensory items, scrapbook pages, and a camera that needs to get out of its bag!

4. Leave work at 4:00. I need to set my alarm everyday at work- it forces me to work smarter and not get distracted!

5. Save $10 a week for next year's Christmas.

6. Blog twice a month.

7. Organize my kitchen cabinets- I swear there are items I haven't found since we moved in 2 years ago!

8. Travel to New York City to see my youngest son.

9. Go to an auction this summer- I love the action and looking at all the items for sale.

10. Journal.

11. Take time for myself- I focus so much on everyone else and especially school that I neglect taking care of my emotional and physical well-being.

12. Try at least 4 new things in the new year. It may be a type of food, a craft (we have several wine and paint classes and a local garden shop has several classes over the winter), game, or place to visit.

What are your plans for the New Year?

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Sarah Cooper said...

These are great goals and plans! Happy 2016!!!

A Rocky Top Teacher