Monday, July 13, 2015

Who's Watching? A new way to connect on Periscope

How many of you have joined the Periscope revolution? I just happened to find out about it last week when Angie and Ashley periscoped from Vegas last week. I have been watching others jump aboard and it looked like it was something I could try. So I did my first scope today. It wasn't too bad, there is definitely a learning curve! At least now I know how to flip the camera on me!! If you want to replay my broadcast, just search for me Teaching Special Kids, I'm also on twitter as teachnspeckids. My old twitter name was catherder79, because sometimes it feels like I'm herding cats! I'm trying to change my display name on periscope to teaching special kids, but can't as of this moment. Anyways, we all need to connect with each other and collaborate for the better of our profession and for our students! Just do it!!

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