Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Currently

It's October, so that means that it's time for a new currently from Farley

Fall has arrived in northwestern Ohio! We have had frost and tonight it is to get down to 30 degrees! I've been really good this year with getting my lesson planning and all most of my materials ready for the next week before I leave on Friday! Usually I leave the fun type of material gathering and making for the weekend, like going to the library for extra books or printing off purchased centers and such.

Why do the weekends go so fast? I guess I need to not schedule so much in the weekend, but there isn't time during the week for grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry! That's why I get behind put off completing some tasks! I need to get busy with printing and laminating my centers for Halloween! I found a book at my library with great pictures. It is a spin off of Twas the Night Before Christmas, the book is Halloween Night, by Marjorie Dennis Murray.
I promise I will have another blog post tomorrow. I'm trying to figure out what to give all of my wonderful followers since I'm up to 101 followers!! Bear with me, I still feel like a newbie with blogging! Have a great week!

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Nikki Lutzke said...

Looking forward to checking out the book Halloween Night! Looks like a ton of fun!